Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[Video] - David De Gea Is The Best Goalkeeper Replacing Van der Sar..

I am really sure that all of you already knew that Manchester United now has a new goalkeeper, David De Gea. Sir Alex Ferguson took him from Atletico Madrid team of Spain La Liga. I am also really sure that all Manchester United fans are really happy especially Sir Alex himself because the team will be playing this season matches with the new "Van der Sar".

All people around the world always wanted to know what is really special about this young man De Gea. So, they together watched the match of Community Shield, on the 7th August 2011, about 4 days ago. And off course, this match against Roberto Manchini's team, Manchester City was the first match ever of David De Gea against any BPL teams. In this match, he let Manchini's player scored 2 goals, 1 from Lesscot and another one from Dzeko. Many people were upset till MU won the match 2-3, with Smalling and Nani scored the goals. The people questioned what had happened to the new goalie David De Gea, letting 2 goals passed him.

For me, David De Gea is new in BPL team. Off course, there were some holes and something wrong in the very first game of him. He is still in the making to adapt with BPL styles of playing. After some matches, I really sure he will be playing with full level of confidence in every game to save Manchester United goal post. And I sure, Sir Alex Ferguson has seen something inside this young goalkeeper. Let us see and watch David De Gea performance before with Atletico Madrid.

How, is he the best goalkeeper replacing the old Van der Sar?YES, HE IS..


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