Wednesday, February 24, 2010


niela first group akoo kt UiTM.,.,
grammar group.,.,
me, tigha(mrs. Zulhaili), lee(mr. Zulhaili), syafiqah, n nani.,.,
haha.,.,sampai skrg ktorg rapat.,.
gosip same2.,.
ktorg gakla yg kene maki ngn Miss Afni coz bwt salah time presentation.,.,
gambar nie xkan ade if syafiqah xajak ktorg coz dye kate dye nk blah gy maktab.,,
ko tpu ktorg kn.,.,
xpe2,,taw la ko nnty.,.,:-)..
sem 2 dah nk abes.,.,
meby xkan jumpe korg lg.,,
xkn satu group ngn korg lg.,.,
ntah bilela nk jumpe korg lg..,
sory sgt2 coz korg bnyk kene burn ngn akoo.,.,
itu jela care nk bwt akoo epy.,.,
walaupon akoo sedeyh sgt sekarang,.,.,
n sampai bile2.,.,
thankz guys!you are such wonderful friends!

i love all of you!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

miss u mak..


How are you;

I really do miss you

I can’t go home;

Because of drama I have to perform

I am the Bendahara in the drama;

All the lines really make me coma

But I do memorise that;

Because of the spirit to be a dad

Tun Teja is my daughter;

Hang Tuah’s black hearted is the starter

He kidnapped Teja from my hand;

Tuah! Your life will come to the end

Teja presented to Sultan Malacca;

I know the tears fell of the eyes of her

Sultan will be marrying Teja;

Even she will be put inside a coffin jar


That is the story;

Of drama that my friends and I carry

After drama I will be home;

To finish your dishes like norm

I will always make you happy;

Even I have to throw out my new lappy

I’m sorry I have failed my Asasi;

Now I admit English is not easy

I know I’m a lazy person;

Not like A doll’s House writer Henrik Ibsen

I will change my life soon;

To have a great life once in the blue moon

I have to stop writing;

Because I see the eyes of Miss Sally staring

Miss you Mak!

Sunday, February 21, 2010



You are wonderful person;

More than Kelly Clarkson

You are very strong;

You can kick me down if I am wrong

I love your smile;

I could see it even a mile

I love your dish;

Till make me fat like a big fish

You are very hardworking;

You always wash and clean my bloody hell thing


Since you lost your daughter;

I never heard the laughter

I know you always cry;

Because you don’t want her to die

Every day you go to her grave;

And your tears fall like wave

I know how sad you are;

But you have to let her away far


She will always love you;

And abah, along, angah, alang , abang will always do that too

We will always care for you;

Like you did to her in ICU


May Allah bless her always;

And we will pray for her in our says

I love u so much mak!Ika!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

wahai sume sahabat yg dikasihi.,.,.
akoo dah buat ape yg korg idam2kn.,.,.,

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