Wednesday, August 24, 2011

After Cesc Fabregas, Arsenal Let Nasri Moves To Manchester City

It was totally different for Arsenal now even Arsene Wenger had stated months earlier that he would not let Fabregas and Nasri leave Arsenal. After Fabregas leaves Arsenal for Barcelona, now, the French player, Samir Nasri leaves Wenger with the rest of the team to play with another big club, Manchester City. Nasri refused to sign further contract with Arsenal and wanted to play with another team. Manchester City takes this opportunity to grab Nasri from anyone else, strengthen the Manchini's team especially in the middle position of the team. So, Arsenal has agreed terms with Manchester City for £22mil sale to let Nasri leaves Arsenal. Anyhow, this tranfer is a big transfer to City after Sergio Aguero before. I am really sure, Manchester City is looking foward and eagerly to win the big title this season.




Khairul Bakhtiar said...

Man City may / may not win. Remember Real Madrid's Los Galacticos during beckham era? City can buy success but it will not sustain.

bombay said...

City is like real madrid in BPL..they buy many talented the end, nothing happen..but i don't really know about this season..we could see their eagerness to win through what they are doing rite now..but still, they have to pass MU, Chelsea, and Liverpool first to get the title..

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