Monday, February 22, 2010

miss u mak..


How are you;

I really do miss you

I can’t go home;

Because of drama I have to perform

I am the Bendahara in the drama;

All the lines really make me coma

But I do memorise that;

Because of the spirit to be a dad

Tun Teja is my daughter;

Hang Tuah’s black hearted is the starter

He kidnapped Teja from my hand;

Tuah! Your life will come to the end

Teja presented to Sultan Malacca;

I know the tears fell of the eyes of her

Sultan will be marrying Teja;

Even she will be put inside a coffin jar


That is the story;

Of drama that my friends and I carry

After drama I will be home;

To finish your dishes like norm

I will always make you happy;

Even I have to throw out my new lappy

I’m sorry I have failed my Asasi;

Now I admit English is not easy

I know I’m a lazy person;

Not like A doll’s House writer Henrik Ibsen

I will change my life soon;

To have a great life once in the blue moon

I have to stop writing;

Because I see the eyes of Miss Sally staring

Miss you Mak!

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