Sunday, February 21, 2010



You are wonderful person;

More than Kelly Clarkson

You are very strong;

You can kick me down if I am wrong

I love your smile;

I could see it even a mile

I love your dish;

Till make me fat like a big fish

You are very hardworking;

You always wash and clean my bloody hell thing


Since you lost your daughter;

I never heard the laughter

I know you always cry;

Because you don’t want her to die

Every day you go to her grave;

And your tears fall like wave

I know how sad you are;

But you have to let her away far


She will always love you;

And abah, along, angah, alang , abang will always do that too

We will always care for you;

Like you did to her in ICU


May Allah bless her always;

And we will pray for her in our says

I love u so much mak!Ika!

1 comment:

ezzasygs said...

sedih aku bace poem ney.
hebat ah ko.
t bce kt depan madam nazeera.

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