Cristiano Ronaldo has certainly made himself heard in the media this week, and this time around his comments are a little less defensive, rather, the Portuguese winger went on to praise his former manager Sir Alex Ferguson. Ronaldo also failed to rule out a move back to England sometime in the future.

In an interview, Ronaldo compared Ferguson and Jose Mourinho, praising both managers immensely.

Ronaldo said, “Sir Alex Ferguson is my second dad—he helped me a lot to improve and now Mr. Mourinho too because they are experienced managers who win many things, so for me they are the best coaches.I have good memories from Manchester and when I watch sometimes the games I miss it a lot because it's a part of me I left in England."

Ronaldo said that the reason he moved from the Premier League was because he wanted a challenge. He was comfortable with Manchester United, but felt he could prove more.

Going on to say, “The most important reason why I moved is the challenge because I really like to put myself under pressure to see what I can do. But I really miss the Premier League—for me it is, along with the Spanish league, the best league in the world.”

When asked about a possible move back to the English Premier League, Ronaldo went on to discuss that he does not like to close opportunities.

Responding to the question with, “Why not? I hope so one day, but you never know. The team that I like more in England is Manchester, but I cannot say that I am going to play there one day because I am very, very happy in Madrid. I've said a few times that, if Madrid want, I can sign for 10 years more until the end of my career, but nobody knows the future. I cannot lie to you and say I will stay here 10 years, that I am not going to come back to Manchester. It is not fair on my part. Let's see what future God has prepared for me.”

So it begs the question. Will Cristiano Ronaldo return to the English Premier League one day?

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