Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bravo!Bravo!Manchester United VS Barcelona in Final UEFA Champions League..

It was entirely perfect day to Manchester United,

beating Schalke04

with another 4 goals in Old Trafford,
after scored 2 goals in Schalke04 homeground..
a very big applause to yerterday's first eleven
that played very well ensuring the clear way
to the
Wembley Stadium,

meeting Shakira's

'beloved' team,
and also
the team of the 'best ever actor' in the world,
Lionel Messi,

of the Barcelona..

some people says it is really fu*#ing impossible
for Manchester united to win against Pep Guardiola's

but who knows..
nobody knows..:)..
just wait till the final whistle of the final..
anything can happen during this
approximate one month before the kick off of the final..

who knows that on the spur of the moment
Chicharito (Javier Hernandez)

will grow taller than Peter Crouch,

*his height, not weight*,

enabling Hernandez easily getting the higher ball
gives his head towards the ball
to tear Victor Valdes

with the higher height,
Chicharito can easily knocks Puyol

and Pique's

sorry Shakira!
i didn't mean to do that..
but he was once MU player..:)*

best of luck to all MUs' players..
do the best for the final..
it's ours..:)..

make sure beat 'Shellsea'

this week..:)

*the part where i bluffing about Chicharito is only my imaginations..:)*



Muhammad Izzwan said...

"that played very well"
padahal tgk highlight jer..

bombay said...

aku taw konfem mng la..haha

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