Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another Loss

It is really hard to make a single move,
going through huge test from Allah S.W.T.
It is really
when we lost someone whom we love so much.
I know,
it is not physically pain,
physically hurt,
It is not the pain
like scratching your body using knife
knocking your head to the wall.
The pain is in deep inside.
Only Allah S.W.T knows how it feels
when losing someone,
whom will be gone forever.
Quran stated that
be patient with all the fate destined by Allah will forgive the sins that we have done before.

Hopefully, all his family will accept his leaving to the next world.
Al Fatihah to Engku Arif Adlan,

MCKK Class of 2010.
May the soul rest in peace.

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