Thursday, August 5, 2010

Red Bull's day, Ferrari's weekend

Mark Webber,

Alex Yoong's

former teammate in KL Minardi team

won the hungarian grand prix last weekend..

Sebastian Vettel

started the race with wonderful drive and led the race at first until
the safety car deployed

to control the race..
the pit lane

turned to huge chaos when
Robert Kubica

crashed Adrian Sutil's

car after changing the tyres..
the drama continued after Mercedes GP's driver,
Nico Rosberg

had lost his rear tyre at the pit lane..
because of exceeding 10 cars during safety car deployed,
Vettel had given drive through penalty by the
Fernando Alonso

took full advantage of that incident and maintained the second position till the end of the race..
Vettel just finished third after failed to take Alonso away..

congrats FERRARI!

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